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House by the sea? Not a dream anymore!

Many people are in love with the sea and have their dream of having a house by the sea. Today, this is absolutely possible. You don’t have to have a house in Miami or Los Angeles in order to have a great seaside home, today, there are tons of possibilities and a long list of international properties which can offers you great and not too pricey options no matter you are looking for a holiday home or want to do a proper move to the seaside. Let me share a list of what to take care of before deciding to go for your dream home by the sea. This way you will save tons of problems and stress and can really make sure you enjoy every minute in your new home:

What you need to know:

1.) Get to know the area better:

Most people luckily decide on buying a seaside house at a place they have been to on a holiday previously which helps a lot because it means that they already have a good knowledge on what area they are looking for how’s the neighborhood, how are the close-by services and amenities and all in all, how the area is.

2.) Don’t be afraid to spend some time in the area before coming to the decision:

There is a saying about Florida: while there are thousands moving there in the hope of getting a new, tropical life for themselves, over half of them come to the decision to move out within a year. This might be shocking but there are some harsh realities next to the dream photo of a tropical beach, the palm trees and the good weather all year long: the non-stop humidity literally eats everything up, one needs to prepare some pretty bad hurricanes and the flora and fauna may prove to become a constant danger too ( alligators anyone?) Don’t hesitate to rent a house in the area you plan to live, get to know its realities before you invest big money in there.

3.) Only get seasonal property as a holiday home

There are seasons for a reason and you don’t want to live somewhere, where literally everything closes down when summer is over.

4.) Keep away from flood areas

It’s great to live by the sea and close to a beach. But rather keep distance. If you have ever seen sea in bad weather conditions, you will know why: the noise is terrible and the waves do get big. You don’t want to be in the middle of a tsunami no matter where you are. Therefore make sure you are about 5-10 minute walk away from the sea or have some natural barriers in-between. This is also doing great things to your wallet.

5.) Always get a thorough inspection

Humidity can really break wood and bring in tons of unwanted bugs and pests. Make sure the house is structurally sound and needs not much money for renovation at least in the first few years.

6.) Do a good research on more off-the map areas.

There are great beaches which are located in states or countries where the prices are way lower.

Keep yourself to these simple rules and you will have a great and safe seaside home for you in the end.